Aged Care

When you’re planning for retirement, don’t forget to plan for your whole retirement! These units on aged care will help you plan for happy, comfortable twilight years for yourself or your loved ones.

Working out what you need

Nobody likes to think that they’ll ever need aged care, but chances are you (or a close relative) will. This unit explores the different types of aged care, and the aged care assessment process.

Choosing aged care facilities

Researching aged care facilities can be an intimidating task for older people and their families. This unit guides you through the process, including practical tips on visiting, checking accreditation, and making an application.

The cost of aged care

It’s important to plan how you’ll pay for your aged care (or that of a close relative). Through this unit, you’ll learn about government funding, and how assets/income tests apply.

Funding your aged care

When you’re planning your retirement, you should plan for aged care too. This unit helps clarify how aged care fits in to a broader retirement plan. Learn about sources of funding, discussing your wishes with your family and more.

Being an carer

Being a carer for someone else is challenging, but it can be rewarding at the same time. This unit discusses what it’s like to be a carer, and the support services available to you.