Preparing for life after work

Whether you’re planning to retire in three years or three decades, it’s a good idea to plan ahead. These units will help you work out the kind of lifestyle you want in retirement, and how you’ll get there.

Retirement basics

Want to really enjoy life when you’re retired? Then you’ll need to plan ahead. This unit shows you all the basics, including how to save up and meet all your expenses when you’re no longer working.

Funding retirement

Do you have retirement goals, but no plan to pay for them? This unit will show you all your options for funding your retirement, from super and social security to accessing your home equity and part-time employment.

Income streams

Have you got more than one income stream set up for your retirement? If not, this unit is a must-do. Learn about the various types of income streams and how you can start building them now.

Transition to retirement

Thinking about slowly winding down to retirement? This unit will help you understand the purpose, pros and cons of using a TTR strategy.

Social security

Even if you’ve never claimed Centrelink in your life, chances are that the Age Pension may form an important part of your retirement income. Learn the basics through this unit.

Work bonus

The Work Bonus is a government incentive designed to help pensioners remain in the workforce, by allowing them to keep more of their pension while they are employed.